Nuvo Designs is a young, dynamic and contemporary architectural practice with its office centrally located in Pune. Nuvo Designs was founded in 2002 and has, since then, slowly and steadily grown with an increasingly diverse portfolio.
Founded by Ketan Nanal and Mithil Panwalkar, the firm has evolved as a multidisciplinary practice with a rapidly growing eclectic portfolio of projects comprising of residential, adaptive use, mixed use, commercial, resorts, hotel etc. The firm works actively with local craftspeople to develop and refine construction details and methods of building that are relevant, sustainable, and founded on local knowledge. We are a small intellect team with frequent contact of highly regarded specialists in construction industry. We are committed to providing an excellent service from design to delivery, whatever the scale and typology. Our priority is to ensure an overriding commitment to creating value and excellence in design.
We are currently exploring various opportunities within the realm of design and development, to form collaborations with other successful consultants in the field.


Nuvo is derived from the word Nouveau, which in French means ‘New.’ Art Nouveau which developed in late 19th century was found on the basis of resistance and reaction to the everyday, mundane and bringing art into ordinary, everyday life. The aim was to create a holistic approach encompassing every single element of utilitarian use. We at Nuvo Designs Pvt. Ltd. consciously work towards breaking the stereotypes with special emphasis on ‘NEW’.
Therefore we believe in generating unique aesthetics encapsulating the clients own style and needs through a process of exposure, participation, awareness and education. We believe when a design systematically solves a functional problem with an informed simplicity & elegance, and respecting its context, the resulting form is honest, timeless and the one that the client relates with. We consider ourselves as problem solvers as against shape makers and aspire to design holistic experiences as against decorating spaces. The very essence of our design philosophy is based on developing and celebrating the ‘spirit of place’.